Finally we arrived to the city of Santa Cruz Bolivia, this is the second time I visit this city before I wrote about my experience but now I will do it, since the last time I visited this city it had a lot of changes, 8 years ago it was the last time I was in this city, the trip was very long, to save a few dollars we made the longest trip that was available from New York City, the first section was to San Salvador with almost 4 hours of travel, we waited for 6 long hours the next flight to Peru, 5 more hours of travel and 5 more hours of waiting until the next flight to finally reach the target city, were 25 hours of travel in total, very tiring but the reward is big.

The first day we take a break of 4 hours before starting our first walk through the center of the city, Santa Cruz has a very hot and humid climate, it is a tropical city located in western Bolivia, it is the largest state in this country I personally do not like the heat so I will have to spend the nights in an air-conditioned room, leaving a place as cold as New York in winter time was a shock for me, let’s see what happens in the next days.

We got an accommodation for only 10 dollars a night, they tell me that there are some cheaper but for me 10 dollars are good, I will be only 10 days, I found the accommodation by AGODA can see the link at the bottom of my blog, there They will be able to quote a room.

The objective of this trip is not only to know the different cities of Bolivia, we came especially to see the biggest carnival in the world, the carnival of Oruro, fortunately I have some friendships that I made on the previous trip to stay at home when I arrived, Oruro is located a few hours from the city of Santa Cruz, it will be a trip that you make by road, I will tell you later my experience, for the moment we continue with Santa Cruz.

After my much needed rest after such a long trip, I go to Güembé a place recommended by the locals, The place is located in the Urubo area, I am a few kilometers away from the place so I will walk or wait for someone to take pity from me on the road.

After a little more than a two walking I arrived at the Güembé center, I was surprised to see this place, it is really amazing, it is a kind of paradise hidden in this place, the place is very well looked after and you can see very beautiful landscapes, it is a place Ideal to bring children or be accompanied, has an internal journey through this marvel, first enter the “mariposarío”, a place full of butterflies that flutter free, followed by a piece of jungle covered with a mesh where you can find the parrots , toucans, monkeys, turkeys and other species that live in humid places, take many photographs that I will update them in my blog little by little, take many photos.


The tour ends with some natural and artificial waterfalls, to give way to the pool of the complex, a very nice pool that with the heat that makes here want to stay forever, crystal clear water with a waterfall, besides spaces to enjoy the sun or eat a snack.

The place also has cabins where one can spend the night, this is ideal to share with a group of friends.

If you take a trip like mine, I recommend you take this trip to relax your mind and rest a bit, in the place they served me. Pique macho a typical meal of Bolivia where chorizo, meat, potato, onion and tomato are served, a very nice, food is a bit expensive in this place anyway according to my budget 20 dollars per dish or 25 dollars all you can eat.

Resultado de imagen para pique macho

When you make this trip, this is a place you can not miss, I recommend it
As a traveler’s advice I recommend that you schedule your trip to arrive at the destination very early in the morning to make the most of the day or otherwise at night to rest a little, so you do not waste a second of your time

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