Depending on the way we like to travel this can be an excellent point that can be the difference between an excellent trip and a regular trip. I usually do not use these services since my budget is a bit small, I can not give myself that kind of taste yet, however in some trips if I opt for this service since I had no option to go to my particular destination, the Travelers will understand what I mean.

The rented cars are excellent to be able to move in the big cities especially, I had the opportunity to load more than 4000 miles in a week to a car, a trip with long distances, in most cases the miles are unlimited luckily, if it is necessary to return the vehicle with a full tank. When rented, you do not worry about tire wear, oil, natural wear and tear on a trip.

I managed to find rented cars of up to $ 8 per day, which I thought was a very low price for the comfort that this gives you, plus you can use it as a temporary deposit and even to take a nap in the shade to save some dollars in hotels. note that many countries have high crime rates, I recommend you find out this detail before embarking on your trip to avoid unwanted surprises.

For most of the cases it is advisable to rent a car with insurance, the insurance usually covers you against accidents, scratches and even robberies, make sure you read the fine print, once I read the contract in advance and found out that for the sure it was effective I had to have two witnesses, imagine getting witnesses in a country that you do not know, people who are willing to accompany you to testify before the police, that was an anecdote that taught me to read the fine print and it is not the only one, as well That takes this point into account before signing the contract.

It is good to anticipate your reservation because in large countries the quotas are usually very limited, you can make the reservation along with the purchase of your travel ticket or if you prefer one or two weeks in advance, almost all companies accept the cancellation without no surcharge but make sure that the company you chose has this policy, many companies ask you to select your delivery time because this way they control the elapsed time, so make sure you return the vehicle before the scheduled time for not paying surcharges that usually tend to be full day.

In some trips I made a comparison between what I would pay using taxis to move to the places I wanted to visit and rent a vehicle to do it, this anecdote was in Puerto Rico, where public transport is zero, there are a few taxis and several hotels They offer their own means of transport but to specific places, I like to move around the city without schedules and without being worried trying to fulfill a route.

Of course, it is not always convenient to rent a vehicle so check your itinerary well before making your trip, check public transportation that is cheaper than transport by taxi or rental vehicle.

On the other hand prepare your documents in advance, the international driver’s license is usually accepted in almost all countries, review the rules of management before venturing some countries handle different rules to ours, do not earn a fine are unnecessary expenses that can alter your budget or ruin your vacation.

In conclusion:
• Check the policies of the leased vehicle
• Read the fine print well
• Check the insurance terms and the additional price
• Make sure the vehicle has unlimited miles
• Return the vehicle at the scheduled time
• Make a budget before making your trip

And to wish you a good trip, I would like to know about your anecdotes as travelers or travelers, if it seems better to rent a vehicle and in what cases. regards


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