I am in my last days in the city of Santa Cruz, I went through the city from song to song, I enjoyed a lot of the meals, I made a brief summary of the most interesting things I saw, of course it is going to be very difficult because one falls in love of each city, of each town of each food, luckily for you this task I have to do it, let’s start.

As I mentioned in my previous article, the city is very humid and it is very hot even though it arrives in the rainy season, it is like the water falls hot from the sky, the most beautiful thing of this season is to be able to observe nature, Being a tropical place has many trees and vegetation.

My first day I went to Güembé a highly recommended place for anyone wishing to visit this city, they told me about many more similar places but the time would not be enough to see them all, if you visit a center similar to Güembé I would like your experience Through my blog or if you prefer by message to my mail, I’ll leave them later.

Rio “Pirai”: it is an extensive river that crosses the city of Santa Cruz, its waters are turbid as they drag a lot of sand, the river has an extension of more than 450 km or 300 miles, people usually take a dip to alleviate the heat, use cuadratrack to cross from shore to shore, in the sector where we were the waters do not exceed 60 cm in height or 2 feet, however the current is quite strong can easily drag someone, along the river you can find several Kiosks that sell typical foods such as “Sonso”, “Cuñape”, “Masaco”, “Charque” will soon explain each meal.

Lomas de Arena Park: This park is located 12 kilometers from the city of Santa Cruz, this place resembles the dunes of a desert, I find it impressive how one can observe this sudden change in the landscape, move from a city with vegetation to a desert place in a few minutes, the dunes have a very fine sand, many have boards and even swimsuits to slide. A dream place especially knowing that Santa Cruz is a tropical place, I recommend this place as a mandatory stop in this city.

I forgot to mention that the sand hills is an ideal place to watch birds, they are not my favorite pastime but they do see very rare and amazing species, if you like this hobby I recommend you come prepared with a good binocular or a camera.

National Park “Amboro”: The park is located west of the city of Santa Cruz approximately 150 km or 100 miles by car, it takes a while to arrive since the road has many curves and is a bit hilly so you can not go at a lot of speed, the park is a kind of nature reserve, it is a very large park with lots of vegetation, water and animals, something that I must emphasize of this place is that one can experience different climates in the same walk in addition to several heights, one can range from 300 M.A.S.L to 3000 M.A.S.L, this difference in height results in being able to observe a great variety of plants that live in different heights and climates. So far I had never been in a place like this, come prepared to shake a lot and clear, walk a lot.

“El Curuchi”: It is a kind of swamp, extremely humid and full of local species, it is surrounded by the city but it was declared a heritage and natural reserve of Bolivia, I am not very fond of studying wild animals but I do know that some of my readers would really appreciate this place, some places are accessible only by boat.

These are places that you visit in this wonderful city, now let’s go to the typical dishes:

“Majadito”: It is a very tasty meal prepared with rice charque (dehydrated meat), it is a dish that is obtained in almost the entire city, each place was better than the other, I enjoy the food much like my girlfriend.

“Masaco”: Apparently the base of the meals in Santa Cruz is the charque, another dish that has a puddle in the preparation, in this case the food is prepared with cooked yucca and crushed with the charque in a wooden container that they They call it Tacu, I also tried it with green plantain, which has the same preparation but without cassava

“Cuñape”: This is a mass that is made with cassava starch, it has a very special flavor that I do not know how to describe it, they prepare it with a lot of cheese, it has the shape of a soft biscuit, it is usually served with coffee, it can being soft or hard, the one that is hard is called “Cuñape Abiscochado”, they usually throw it into the coffee to soak it, I had to taste it and it’s very good.

Sonso: It is a preparation made with cooked yucca and charque, served in sticks or in a kind of cake or lasagna, it has a very good flavor, it is also served with coffee or with a juice called chicha de maíz.

Of course Santa Cruz has many more typical dishes and also tourist places but the time I stay short even though I take 18 hours every day, anyway the door is still open, I will return soon and I will comment on new places, I would like if any of you visit other places or have some experience that does not mention send me your article.

I forgot to mention this fruit, called “Achachairu”, a fruit with a very nice combination between sweet and bitter, sold in almost all the city, supermarkets, in the streets and even in traffic lights

We continue our journey throughout this country with so much cultural diversity, history, flora and fauna, I will miss this city and its people, now we are going to Cochabamba, I have little time before heading to the city of Oruro, I want see the famous Oruro carnival, I would like you to join me for the rest of my trip, after the carnival we will go to the city of Potosí where the largest salt flat in the world is, which for the season we are in, looks like a mirror, They are anecdotes that other adventurers told me, soon I will show you my experience by this means. Greetings to all.

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