Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences that exist, we forget about the problems, we clear the mind and we are enriched with new experiences, customs, food and culture, something that can not be bought can only be lived.

Therefore it is necessary to decide well where we will go, it does not have to be on the other side of the world, nor does it have to be one of the 7 wonders, your perfect trip may be around the corner, I will give you some tips that can help you at the time of deciding your trip.

Many times we have thought about what our destiny will be in these cases we just have to think about doing it even better, they are simple things like investigating natural attractions, attractions like museums, food places, restaurants, amusement parks and many other places that will help us to improve our experience, if you are adventurous you can look for trails to get into a forest for example and camping to be in contact with nature, but the goal of this post is to help you choose a destination.

Choosing a destination can become a long task because you have to analyze different aspects such as weather, money, family, language and even communication. Later I will show you some examples so that you can decide before the vacation ends.Choosing a destination can become a long task because you have to analyze different aspects such as weather, money, family, language and even communication. Later I will show you some examples so that you can decide before the vacation ends. Personally, I like the cold to temperate climate, I do not like heat very much, of course, in order to know the world, I must adapt to any temperature variation. Therefore to plan my vacation in a cold climate I can think of some places:

• Alaska

• New York, Washington in winter

• Canada

• Antarctica (extreme case)

• Finland

• Iceland

• Norway

• Sweden

• Russia

My list of cold places for my vacation is summarized to this list, at this moment I am working in Bolivia, I will prepare my vacation for the end of December so it is winter in the northern countries, for me one of the best destinations It is New York but I already visit it many times so I discard this option, Alaska is a somewhat desertic place and my goal is to interact with people, therefore it is a place discarded at the moment, it is a place that calls me a lot Attention but I will gather a group of friends to explore this destination.

Antarctica climate too extreme, so this destination is discarded at the moment, for European countries at this time I do not have my tourist visa, it is not something complicated to get out but I ran out of time because for work reasons can not present to the appointment at the embassy, ​​as for Russia I do not know the language so I only have Canada available, I am eager to see that landscape again, the Niagara falls, it is a beautiful city with many attractions, in this case it was easy to decide why the options were discarded on their own, now I will show you a list of points that you should consider to plan your trip, choose the destination that has more points in favor, it is very good to make.

this list with a friend or partner, in this way one can analyze and another can write down the answers. Analyze the following points:

• Economic (Price of tickets, food and transportation)

• Distance (How long it takes to arrive and how long your vacation lasts), in one of my trips for example, I had only 2 weeks off and I decided to take a trip of 3 days out and 3 days back, spend half of my trips vacation on the route, of course it was worth taking the opportunity to visit all the towns along the way.

• Visas (Some countries require a visa and usually take a while to be approved)

• Accommodation (Countries that depend on tourism tend to raise housing prices)

• Language (English is basically a world language, however I came across some cities that do not speak it and it is very complicated to understand and be understood, besides that the interpreters are a separate expense)

• Political situation (Especially in Latin American countries where the policy is very unstable, I had the bad luck to reach my destination in the middle of clashes so I could not leave my accommodation and move to another place)

• Crime (Some countries are very dangerous, in these cases I recommend you visit only guided tourist places where they offer you shelter, a situation that endangers your life can ruin your vacation and even make you desist to continue traveling, it is not worth risking life)

• Climate (If you like the heat, the cold, the rain, the sun)

• Season of the year (Depending on your climatic tastes you can choose your destination, do not forget to bring suitable clothes)

• Number of attractions (How many attractions have the destination you choose, if they are too few, it would be ideal for a short trip, if there are many of them stay longer in the place)

I hope this guide is useful for you to choose your next destination, the most important thing is to decide in advance and enjoy the most, if you take the holidays with your family you can take advantage of attractions where everyone enjoys.

Make the most of your vacation, experience, knowledge and anecdotes are things that money can not buy.

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