We just arrived in the city of Cochabamba, we arrived in the middle of a very heavy rain which caused some landslides and we had to wait for the road to be cleaned, there is a sector near the city of Cochabamba that has a very white ground and collapses With the water, fortunately the road service responded quickly and we did not take more than 30 minutes to pass that obstacle.

Cochabamba is located at a height of 2400 meters, unlike Santa Cruz, which is just over 300 meters above sea level. Fortunately, the transition was progressive, so we do not feel much change in altitude, if we are more agitated when walking, the climate is quite cold especially at dawn, in the afternoon the sun comes out and we put aside the coats.

On the way to Cochabamba we made several stops, it is very important to inform you that wonderful things I see, Montero, Yapacani, BuloBulo, Chimore, Villa Tunari, Corani and finally Cochabamba, the trip usually takes between 8 and 10 hours to take us little more than 20 hours, of course it was worth it, from tomorrow we started the tour of the city, then I informed them about the stops we made and also the food.

It is the last big city of the department of Santa Cruz, it is well known for the sugar industry, Bolivia uses a brand of sugar called Guabira, this sugar is made in this municipality, they tell me that from now on the climate will be cooler, currently We are at 24 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Farenheight, it is a bit drier than Santa Cruz, basically the food is the same as in the city alone that have a touch a little more homemade as homemade, the people are very friendly.

Now if we are on the border between the department of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, this is a small town, has several attractions as monuments, the main square, is a town that is in full development.

We have already entered the city of Cochabamba, many people here speak Quechua, the original language of Bolivia. Bolivia has 3 native languages, Quechua, Aymara and Guarani, the Guarani is typical of the eastern side of Bolivia, the Aymara on the western side and Quechua of central Bolivia, the truth is that I can not understand anything, the people who lead us indicate Some words like “Ayiyanchu” which means hello. People consume a lot of “Mote” or corn

In this place you can see more native people, they wear typical clothes, they speak very little Spanish, it is the only way I have to communicate, at this point you can already feel the effect of height, dizziness, hyperventilation and agitation, nothing out of the ordinary do not worry.

CORANI: a dream place, here we have a sudden change in temperatures, it is much cooler and foggy, practically the road crosses through a forest, Corani is characterized by having an artificial lagoon to raise fish that receives the same name Laguna Corani, is a place that I liked a lot, almost no people are ideal to spend a day in the countryside, many places sell fish dishes around the lagoon, an exquisite flavor, highly recommended, we were lucky to arrive at noon They tell me that it is the only time they sell food.

VILLA TUNARI: I forgot to mention this point, it is a tropical place in the city of Cochabamba, the hot and humid climate, is the point from which almost all the fruit of the city comes, they have a lot of banana, also coca leaf that is consumed throughout Bolivia, I had the opportunity to try it and it has a very strong flavor that I do not know how to describe it, it is not very pleasant to my palate but for its benefits to fight fatigue and height it did me very well, it is also very good to help in the problems Stomach

Finally we arrive at the city of Cochabamba, the Cristo de la Concordia gives us the welcome, a monument that is located on top of a hill, when we arrived we saw him from behind but already inside the city he is seen from the front with his arms outstretched, we made the entrance to the city by the south zone, we saw a small lagoon that receives the name of “Alalay”, they indicate to me that this lagoon is drying up due to the climatic variation that affects this city, we will stay in an area that is called ” Tupuraya “, is located in the north of the city, we found a room through” AirBNB “for only $ 9 a night, has basic services such as electricity, water, cable TV and Internet, for me a perfect place, now we will only rest was an exhausting trip but I can not stand the desire to travel this city, the landscapes I saw are very beautiful and I want to know more, my stay will be short because in a week we left for the city of Oruro to see the C Largest carnival in the world. Thank you very much for reading my arituclos, Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, so you know more about our adventures.

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