Cuba is very close to the United States, depending on which state you are traveling the trip can last from 1 hour to about 4 hours, you do not need much luggage to make this trip, 4 days reach you to get some of your states, if you want to go for a walk all over the island without hurrying I recommend that you stay at least 10 days, the ideal would be 15 days with enough time to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Each photo we took there seemed to have been taken from a postcard, its beaches are truly paradisiacal, they have no point of comparison with other places.

In havana there are very few places where you can be accommodated, but they are very nice and comfortable, you have to take into account that credit cards are not accepted, take enough money for your stay in the island, otherwise you will be in trouble, you will have Ask a friend or family member to send you money. You will not need a lot of clear money if you do not exceed too much with memories, with about 400 dollars you get, that is 100 per day per person and that spending a lot

Throughout your journey you will see many sculptures, monuments that are symbols of communism and socialism that Cuba adopted since 1920, plus you will feel like a movie from the 60’s due to the embargo, cars that seem paralyzed in time, I am a big fan of classic cars and stay with your mouth open to see these beauties circulating as if they had just been taken from a convention, of course the engines were changed but at first glance only observe the curves and details that only classic cars have

If you like these cars you can find in the tour a tour that takes you aboard a car of the time

As for the food, it is not as economical as in other countries, we find food with only 3 dollars but if you want a dish well served you will spend at least 20 dollars, this is understandable since cuba basicamento lives on tourism. If you want to know Cuba, I recommend you do it in the summer season if you like the heat, temperatures reach 90º ideal to get to the beach and cool off, if you do not have time for summer, in winter it is also an excellent destination, temperatures are around 70º many, the thermal sensation is greater due to the humidity of the environment

The best time to go for a walk is between November and April, the humidity of the environment is not high and you can enjoy warm temperatures

In conclusion Cuba is a country worth knowing, is very close to the United States and with just 4 days you can tour and canocer much of the ista, I recommend the 15 days to get all the states and visit almost all the attractive, even with a couple of binoculars you can see the south side of the florida peninsula

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